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Q: How do you deal with problems in my absence?

Our house sitters are practically-oriented and accustomed to taking care of homes like yours. They are also (as applicable) professional pet carers and can cope with domestic problems as sensibly as you would while at home. We also do a thorough risk management assessment at the commencement of each assignment, which includes going through our Homeowner Checklist in detail. The checklist includes many aspects, such as location of your electrical board and water stopcock, contact details of your repairmen/veterinarian to contact in the case of emergency, dietary, medicinal and exercise requirements of your pets, their health history, age and so forth. Our sitters can also call our Head Office 24/7 in need.

Q: Who supplies food and bed-linen?

Our sitters provide their own food though our clients are usually happy to supply the basics. Bed linen and towels are provided by clients, and if possible returned clean at the end of the housesitting assignment.

Q: Is there insurance?

Yes, we are covered against Public Liability, which includes pet cover. Your own home insurance will naturally not be affected as your home will be occupied during your absence.

Q: Do you provide caring services?

No, but our sitters do stay in your home while caring services are supplied by carers (who are responsible for their own cooking, cleaning and so forth).

Q: What about my pets?

Our sitters will take care of feeding your pets in your absence. This is included in the daily rate per pet. If exercising of pets is required, this must please be separately negotiated with ourselves/the sitter (or a third party).

Q: What about my plants and garden?

Our sitters will take care of watering your indoor plants during your absence. Please see our Rates page on our website for information on any additional services you may require.