An enjoyable house/pet sit with Molly and Bentley in beautiful Wiltshire. Molly. a lovable black Labrador and Bentley, a rather grand Rhodesian Ridgeback (see my photo with article). They enjoy a couple of acres to run about in where we played fetching the ball every day. Molly was the boss while Bentley graciously bowed out of taking the ball from Molly. Another ball for Bentley made sure he was not left out, although he did not seem to get the idea of bring back the ball!!!

Our walks in the woods along the Clarendon Roman road were a delight every day; sometimes we would do the whole round. We also found another quiet track which the doggies loved but certainly got puffed out after an hour’s walk. We had 3 walks in the rain which did not bother M & B and the clean-up after wasn’t a problem.

Bentley loves to chase rabbits, alas too fast for him! Molly is quite happy chilling out. Mealtimes they are governed by their bodyclock, licking their bowls clean and visiting each other’s just in case there was a smidgen of a morsel left. They sat and slept by my feet midday and I was not disturbed during the night; lovely to get a good night’s sleep in this beautifully quiet rural home. I knew it was time to get up when I was nuzzled by Bentley at 7am…..time to eat!

There is a shop about 1.5 miles away and we had a good walk a few times to get some great local produce, local sausages and bread… yum.

In all, I will miss these two gorgeous dogs who have been a pleasure to look after, so nice to experience well-trained dogs. The Barton family are very kind and generous, and were grateful to get back to happy dogs.