Burglary Not Nice!

As winter settles in with bare trees and thick coats to ward off the cold, for opportunistic burglars this is the ideal time to use the cover of darkness and rip off your belongings.

Keep yourself and your property safe by applying these straightforward security measures.

  • Close your curtains and blinds at night, ensuring laptops, tablets, smartphones, cash and car keys cannot be seen from outside. This simple step also protects your privacy.
  • Make sure your doors and windows are locked, even when at home.
  • If you have one, set your alarm system whenever you go out and before you go to sleep at night.
  • Don’t leave your bikes or gardening equipment outside. Ensure these are locked in your garden shed or garage.
  • Make your home smart by using burglar-deterrent light timer switches and a fake TV when you go out at night.
  • Don’t go away without first contacting House and Home Sitters to request a Sitter to take care of everything, including your pets in their own familiar surroundings.

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