Man’s Indoor Cat Playland – Our Hearts Explode

Cookie was one of our rescues who had been traumatised, and this year we suddenly found huge tumours on her, took her to the vet and he said, "It's cancer, there's nothing we can do." Our cats make the house feel alive. When we bought this house in 1988, it came with two outdoor, feral-like [...]

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Dave from House & Home Sitters was responsive, efficient and really set our minds at ease for what was our first time having a sitter. Finding out about us, our home and our trip was a comprehensive yet straightforward process conducted in a professional manner, which really gave us confidence! Our sitters, Carole and Tim, [...]

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Denise and Chris were fantastic! We had a completely stress-free long weekend away knowing our dogs were in safe hands. They were very respectful of our wishes and clearly made a big effort to understand and follow the instructions we had left. We came home to two happy and relaxed dogs and a lovely tidy [...]

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