We all ought to escape the concerns of domestic life at some point, away from the many challenging things like daily family pet care, cutting the grass, weeding and other gardening tasks, home maintenance, mail and deliveries, and multitudinal responsibilities that accompany running a household – or perhaps a break from nosy / noisy next-door neighbours is all we need.

While the grass continues growing, the weeds do not pull themselves out, the majority of family pets can’t feed themselves, the list goes on; paradoxically we wind up chained to our homes by all the duties from which we so desperately need some respite. Gone are the days we could call on siblings or parents to stay in our homes during our annual getaways. Everyone is now constantly “too busy”, alternatively following the trend for families to rather holiday together, as per the old maxim, “The family which plays together, stays together”. And someone just visiting our home, even on a daily basis does not suffice, especially as regards our pets being at home all day (and night) alone, but also in relation to gardening and other such things which, when left unattended, give away to would-be burglars our absence from home. Not to mention the many disasters that can occur while we’re away; perhaps a summer storm’s lightning causing a fire and no one to call 999, with the result our whole house burns down. There is little point in our hearts being on holiday while our minds are constantly fretting about what is going on back home.

For every homeowner, the only other option is obvious, namely, get someone trustworthy to live in our home and do whatever needs doing while we’re away. The difficulty is finding someone upon whom we can rely. Family? Pals? Leave our home in the hands of prying cousin, Rosie, or even worse hands than hers? Maybe. But most of us no longer wish to impose on friends and family to undertake such a burdensome responsibility.

What we property owners need are sincere, service-oriented, reliable and experienced individuals to care for our homes and pet(s) as we ourselves would. Those seeking a change of scenery themselves, while indulging their love of pets, for instance, or with houses of their own. Retired folk who want to travel. Writers searching for peace, serenity and inspiration. Those with online businesses allowing them the freedom to work from anywhere as long as they have access to WiFi. We house owners decidedly require sitters who understand our particular requirements: reliable, friendly, trustworthy and caring persons.

Why, you may ask, should I pay for a sitter? Well, at House and Home Sitters each of our professional sitters, of whom we currently have about 150 dotted across the UK, has been individually interviewed, carefully background-checked and vetted, personal references contacted, and only appointed if found to be a perfect fit for our high ethical and care standards. Quite a few applicants have been rejected. Most important are their integrity, friendliness, respect for privacy, reliability, service-orientation and competence. As you dear reader will appreciate, our business wholly depends on having the right people. We have done all the “heavy lifting” for you, and been in business more than five years with a solid track record. All our reviews/references are genuine and contactable. With a “free” sitter, in many cases the sitters get friends and family to provide their online “reviews”, at least until they get going. You have no comeback should they let you down. We carry insurance, including pet cover up to £75,000 and provide a copy of our certificate of insurance on request. We have a great track record of numerous successful house and pet sitting assignments.

Our rates are still lower than placing your pets in a kennel or cattery – plus include the care and security of your home while your beloved furry friends remain in their own familiar environment. And you avoid the hassle of processing a claim against your insurer following a burglary, power failure or flooding in your absence, not to mention payment of the excess and losing your no-claims record. As the old saying goes, “We always get what we pay for” – far better to have your home and pets in the excellent hands of  professionals, House and Home Sitters. In practice, this tailormade solution for you really works. Isn’t it time you request your sitter here – and join our many satisfied happy clients?

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