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Our background-checked, professionally-picked house sitters are your ideal cost-effective solution.

Most insurers will not cover a property if left unoccupied for more than 30 days. Standard home insurance is generally inadequate in these circumstances as cover is often reduced or not applicable at all. Even if your intended absence from home will be a shorter period, you simply don’t want that feeling of your home and privacy being invaded by burglars, with attendant mess and destruction left behind them. The last thing you need after all the excitement of  going on holiday is to find your possessions stolen in one of the 2.1 million burglaries that occur in Britain every year! Not to mention the hassle of getting quotes, filing an insurance claim, losing your no-claims record and so on.
According to our guidelines, our house sitters should not be out of your home for more than two hours after sunset or more than four hours during daylight, which means they’re likely to be more ‘present’ in your home than you are.

This is surely a much better option for you than someone just ‘popping in’ once a day / week to collect your mail and feed your pet(s)? Secure your peace of mind today by booking your house and home and pet sitter through the professionals. We at House and Home Sitters take our duties and promises to our homeowner clients seriously.