Good Value for our Homeowner Clients

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Basic Daily Rate

£60 (which includes the allowance we pay your sitter, watering of indoor plants, and of course, the housesitting assignment itself);
£70 per day for assignments of three days or less.

*A Reduced Basic Daily Rate of £50 and Zero Travel Costs will apply to assignments of 30 days or more.

**Please add an extra day if your house sitting assignment is to commence before 10:00 on your departure date, and if your homecoming time is after 15:00 on your return date, to allow for the travel time of your sitter(s) to and from the assignment.

***A Discount of 3% on the overall bill will apply to all repeat clients of House and Home Sitters for whom we have carried out an assignment before 31 December 2023.

Bank Holidays

***£12 surcharge for each Bank Holiday during the assignment.

Daily Pet Care Rates

£10 per dog for general care, feeding, poo picking etc. + walking/exercising/bonding/playing with your dog(s) and £6 per cat.

Dog walking fees (if required more than once per day) £5 per dog per walk. 

Chickens/Ducks/Geese £1 each for the first ten (min. charge £4 per day), thereafter £0.50 each. Other pets as quoted and agreed.

Care of large animals and pre-agreed additional duties outside of the actual housesitting, up to £13.50 per hour or lesser rate as quoted and agreed.

Travel Costs

Reasonable travel costs to, from and during the house sitting assignment, usually £60, to a maximum of £100.


No additional costs except by prior agreement, for example in the case of lawn mowing, gardening or other work, £13.50 per hour.

No VAT charges. No deposit required. Payment in advance of assignment commencement. Preferred method bank transfer directly to our account per details in our invoice. Cheque, Revolut, and credit card payments via Paypal, Stripe, or GoCardless are also accepted.

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