May 2018

Dr Malcolm Frazer Cox

It was a fantastic find when I found House and Home Sitters; I cannot recommend them more highly, their service is wonderful. David organised Becky a wonderful sitter for us, I had absolute and complete confidence in her ability to look after our dogs, and she made us feel that we could go away without any worries.

Previously our two elderly dogs had to stay with a close friend when we went away, but lately this has not been possible due to their age and infirmity, which meant either my wife or I  had to stay at home to look after them. But my daughter was running the London Marathon and we both needed to be there to support her. House and Home Sitters came to our aid, and having used them once now know we can enjoy some time away, without having to either take the dogs with us or one of us stay at home.

Becky was superb, I had absolute and complete trust and reliance on her and her abilities, the dogs were wonderfully cared for, and it was a delight to have her there.
If anyone is wondering, like we were, whether it was a sensible and safe thing to do, rest assured, I will do this again and recommend their service. David was efficient, and found us someone really professional and special. It has freed us to get away again in the future.
Many thanks to David, Becky and House and Home Sitters.

Dr Malcolm Cox, Cheshire

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