REFERENCE LETTER Abingdon-on-Thames, 20th November 2017

To Whom It May Concern,

Me and my sister had to attend a two-day conference in London. We live in a house with garden in Abingdon-on-Thames and we have 2 elderly dogs (Cocker Spaniels) and 3 cats (2 Persians and a British shorthair cross). Because we have so many pets we always use a home sitter, so we have experienced a few house sits in Oxford and Bedford, where we lived before. We contacted Dave Price from House and Home Sitters ( on November 2017. He booked us with a lovely lady named Judith. She was a good choice for us and provided wonderful care for our pets while we were away. She stayed 4 nights at our home because we wanted a very early start and we only came back late at night. We can recommend Judith because she was: – Dependable: she was on time when she met us, got the keys and all the instructions. She also agreed to extend her stay so we could have someone who could stay until we were back late night back from London. She was really gracious about this and we cannot thank her enough. – Caring and compassionate while dealing with our pets. – Dogs and cats were in good condition when we got back. – She complied with the instruction that we gave her, including giving medication two times a day to one of our elderly dogs. – Updates were frequent and she reported any difficulty she had, so we felt we had peace of mind. – She left the house clean and tidy, the same condition it was before. – Trustworthy: nothing was missing from the house. And although we insisted her to have any food or toiletries, she was very careful and we didn’t have any issues with empty packages. In summary, we can recommend House and Home Sitters and particularly Judith for pet sitting and home sitting services. As a person, Judith was always polite and eager to done things the way we wanted. And our contact from House and Home Sitters, Dave Price was respectful and quick in his replies so we could sort things out even with the short notice that we gave him. Please feel free to contact us by email ( if you have any questions. We will be happy to clarify any query about our home/pets sitting experience. Kind regards Tania Candeias Karin Candeias


pic by Judith Perfect


Pic by Judith Perfect