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Man’s Indoor Cat Playland – Our Hearts Explode

Our cats make the house feel alive. When we bought this house in 1988, it came with two outdoor, feral-like cats. One of them was hit by a car and killed, and then the second one was hit by a car and had to go to the vet for quite a lot of reconstructive surgery, [...]

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Why We Sit on the Floor

Here we are talking about a different type of sitting to house and pet sitting. Four years ago, I hurt my right ankle during a game of football. I had torn not one, not two, but three ligaments. Amazingly, considering how rough I had been on my body over the years, I was thankful that [...]

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House Sitting Adventures and Experiences

House sitting experiences are my favourite conversation topic! The things experienced when house sitting are really fun for me. Isn't it great to be able to go outside and enjoy the weather, while also taking care of someone's house (and their pets, if that's your love)? It's also a good way to be able to [...]

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A Sitter’s Dream by Gaynor

In January I had the opportunity for this house sitting assignment set in the most beautiful part of Yorkshire; a rambler’s, walker's and climber's dream it was for me, to live the ‘Lady of the Manor’ lifestyle.  In a remote and rural setting with only the wildlife for neighbours. Upon my arrival I initially drove [...]

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Why Use House and Home Sitters?

House and Home Sitters Ltd is the UK-only leading provider of house and pet care sitter services throughout Britain.  We provide live-in services to meet your needs, including: House Sitting (with or without pets), Dog Walking, Cat Care Services, Plant Watering and more. We are a small national company that specialises in providing a top-notch [...]

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Married At Last?

Getting Married? Honeymoon hotspots await you. With honeymoon plans in full swing now weddings can go ahead, when booking your romantic getaway, remember to also come straight to the best professional house sitters, providing a premium service at the lowest rates, and book your live-in house and pet sitter through House and Home Sitters Ltd. [...]

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Top 10 Car Checks Before Your UK Staycation Trip

10 Canny Car Checks before setting off on your summer holiday Planning a getaway road trip? Be sure to give your car this once-over before you hit the road. With continued unpredictability of holidays abroad over the summer season, most of us will rather opt for a local staycation as a safer choice. Before you [...]

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Did You Hug Your Hound or Cuddle a Cow Today?

It is well-known how animals affect our psyche. The benefits of swimming with dolphins or the positive effect horses may have on disabled or mentally impaired persons will be familiar examples for most of us. Similarly, during the lockdowns and our obligatory “house arrests” it has been reported the domestic pets found in more than [...]

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Defer, Don’t Drop

Having trouble finding a house sitter? Well, at least one who is friendly, reliable, privacy-oriented, professional, insured and competent? “I cancelled a family holiday. I felt a failure. Then I found House and Home Sitters. My wife was happy again. You can’t put money on that." Could this be you? Life is full of the unexpected, [...]

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