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Why Do I Need a Professional House Sitter?

There’s ONE thing every smart homeowner has to do when taking a trip, right?  If not, all the other stuff doesn’t even matter. Of course, that’s choosing the correct person to take care of your property and pet(s) while you’re away from your home. There are hordes of house sitters out there. They come in […]

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Sneaky Airline Charges for Booking by Phone

When it comes to travel agents, we seriously recommend DialAFlight – not only for securing the best flight and other travel prices, but also for their friendly and helpful service, transparency, and overall competence. We are not in any way affiliated with DialAFlight, but speak only from own experience using them for our flight bookings […]

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Tips to Keep our Pets Cool during the Summer Heat

Dogs are particularly prone to overheating during the blistering summer heatwaves experienced in the UK around July each year. Unlike people, they have no sweat glands and are dependent purely on panting to cool down their bodies. Picture wearing a thick fur coat on a scorching hot day, while being wholly dependent on cooling through […]

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Unable to Leave Home? Get a House Sitter!

We all ought to escape the concerns of domestic life at some point, away from the many challenging things like daily family pet care, cutting the grass, weeding and other gardening tasks, home maintenance, mail and deliveries, and multitudinal responsibilities that accompany running a household – or perhaps a break from nosy / noisy next-door […]

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Top Tips When Taking Trips with Your Family Pet

Travelling with your pet(s) can be great fun and an enjoyable way for you and your faithful fur-buddy to check out and experience different environments. Before we set off with our pet though, we need to prepare and plan wisely, since obviously our family pets cannot do so themselves. These basic guidelines apply before embarking […]

May 27th, 2018|Latest News|0 Comments

How Best to Choose a Pet ID Tag

A Brief Overview on Selecting Your Family Pet’s ID Tag

Procuring a Pet ID tag is much like wearing a parachute when flying – you do so in the fervent hope you’re never going to need it. However, as we well know, the potential cost of not having a family pet identification tag can be far […]

April 2nd, 2018|Latest News|0 Comments

Picking a Pet Carer

Picking a Family Pet-Loving Care Sitter

Pet carers are like babysitters, engaged to take care of a family pet in the home. Typically, family pet owners employ pet carers on a contract basis when heading out on holiday trips. Pet carers can likewise be used for a brief period like an evening. The benefit of working […]

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Live around the world for free?

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Protect Your Family and Property

As winter settles in with bare trees and thick coats to ward off the cold, for opportunistic burglars this is the ideal time to use the cover of darkness and rip off your belongings.

Keep yourself and your property safe by applying these straightforward security measures.

Close your curtains and blinds at night, ensuring laptops, tablets, smartphones, […]

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Lucky guy!

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