Precisely a year following Hurricane Irma, when travellers were forced to cancel flights, Hurricane Michael last week saw travelling groups re-booking holidays and travellers being re-routed. It was Groundhog Day all over again for helpless airline companies, stubborn storms and plucked parkers.

Budget airline company Primera folded and had their jet planes seized – one year after Monarch Airlines triggered disorder with Britain’s largest ever airline failure. The UK Consumers’ Association’s Which? claimed, ‘The latest airline collapse will only serve to highlight that the best way to get peace of mind and financial protection is to book with a trusted brand which will help when things go wrong.’

Many thousands of prepaid air tickets went down the drain, with ticket holders carrying the losses. Book direct with an airline and you have zero customer protection in the event it fails. The month of October has become a graveyard for financially troubled airline companies as forward reservations trough at the end of summer, and airlines lack cash flow. That’s why we always prefer to deal with a reputable travel agency, such as DialAFlight – that way, you are covered.

Lastly, despite so many similar instances of fraud, parkers at Manchester Airport were plucked of their cash by scammers offering low cost (non-existent) parking. Be wary of anything which sounds too good to be true – because it’s usually exactly the case.