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Protect Your Family and Property

As winter settles in with bare trees and thick coats to ward off the cold, for opportunistic burglars this is the ideal time to use the cover of darkness and rip off your belongings. Keep yourself and your property safe by applying these straightforward security measures. Close your curtains and blinds at night, ensuring laptops, [...]

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Our Experience as a Homeowner using House and Home Sitters – by Jules Barton, August 2016

We were let down by our regular house/dog sitter with only months before our holiday. Having planned it a year in advance and with family joining us in France from Australia, I was considerably distressed. I was delighted to find the House and Home Sitters website and be able to speak to the owner straight [...]

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My Experience as a House Sitter – by Louise Abusenna, July 2016

An enjoyable house/pet sit with Molly and Bentley in beautiful Wiltshire. Molly. a lovable black Labrador and Bentley, a rather grand Rhodesian Ridgeback (see my photo with article). They enjoy a couple of acres to run about in where we played fetching the ball every day. Molly was the boss while Bentley graciously bowed out [...]

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Celeb House Sit in Kent

Towards the end of 2015 House and Home Sitters had its first 'celeb' house sit at a huge Manor House estate in Kent. Owned by Hollywood celebrities, a well-known actor and film director, before commencing the actual assignment a confidentiality agreement had to be signed to protect the home-owner's identity. What follows is a description [...]

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